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Friday, December 3, 2010

Keri Hilson (Feat-Rick-Ross)-The-Way You Love Me


  1. keri looks good , ross looks silly , song is okay , video is cool

    Matt Montana

  2. Keri looks silly. I was going to give commentary but didn't feel like it and forgot to delete this. She has the sex appeal of a carrot stick. It's so funny how both she and Ciara can pop it pop it vigorously and it's like zzzz...but Bey Bey and RiRi only have to do a little wiggle and it's ohhh ahhhh...one million sold. Some women just got it like that and she don't. Her pussy is probably as dry and flavorless as her dancing...

  3. She makes me miss Ashanti. For real. At least Ashanti was pretty and that first album was damn near classic status. Yeah, I said it.