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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My approach to dating was always like a job interview, on to the next one, until I find the mutually benefiting fit.  I didn't like dating in my younger days, getting new outfits, and getting my hair blown out was a financial strain.  I was always in hurry to couple up and mate, each outing was really a chance to contemplate our fate.  And the decisions I made back then.  It wasn't them though, it was all me.

After taking a two year hiatus, (okay like five, but I was in a not a decent man around drought for three of them, and kept fluttering around repeats trying to catch vapors) I reapproached the dating scene with a different mentality.  There would be no special shopping trips, my hair would be worn as is.  I would view dating as fun, not a necessary chore to find the proverbial one.   My first time out the bullpen, I found Boo.  He has outstanding qualities: great looking, nice body, smells good, perfectly smooth skin, and with a little communication a really good dick.  But he's young, and in transition, and I was supposed to try multiple dating and keep digging.

Though my good friend advised me not to tell him, I was honest with Boo.  I let him know he was my number one, but he would not be the only one.  I went on two horrible dates with two horrible men: bad looks, bad body, bad smells and bad skin.  I barely wanted to hug them, I wouldn't know about the dick. One seemed halfway gay, but that's another story.  They had their good qualities, and I tried to focus on them.   Yeah, they were older and financially able.  But they were also old, and needed to be put out to pasture and let out the stable.  Maybe they would have looked better to me, if it weren't for Boo.  Hell no, who am I fooling.   He's the prototype, I'm not even turning my head for anything less than a 2.0.

I am not completely sure what the purpose is for open relationships and open dating.  I can't speak for everyone, but one person I know in an open relationship said it's hard to find all that you need in just one person.  I disagree.  In my opinion, everything is in everyone, you just have to scratch past the surface and go deeper.  In terms of appearance, I really only find one type of man attractive, and Boo's looks fit.  It's so nice to smile when I see him walking towards me.  I can see him walking through a crowd and think to myself- Yup!

As long as everything keeps going the way they are going, Boo and I will merge into one.  He's becoming my right hand, and my most favorite friend.  I've already made him my book critic, I'm about the purchase a grammar and punctuation book and pass it on (I love to write, but hate to copy edit).  I like the way we disagree all the time, but still like each other.  Usually when I don't agree with a man, the deal is done.  So, Boo is it.  Everything is moving but the money, and soon that will too.

Aside: Boo and I went to get readings from my favorite santera.  I love her, she tells you the good, the bad, and the ugly sometimes with a remedy.  Everyone else I have gone to has been full of shit.  She reads much better than I do.   I'm still learning and practicing.  And I can't help you with anything, take your future as is.  Anyway, she told me I would meet another guy similar to Boo in appearance pretty soon.  She told Boo he would meet two additional women.  She has never been wrong, to be continued...

Boo says he feels the same way, but he feels he's lagging behind, I owe him two dates.  I wish he would.  My theme song is playing, "I'll bust your windows out your car".  He loves his Batmobile too.

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