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Friday, November 19, 2010

Voodoo Dreaming with Remix aka I love the Guedeh

The nights I spend with Remix, I have the illest dreams.  My mind tends to be both more alert and relaxed, and the time for sleep tends to be short or taken in spurts.  That's the perfect combination for me to achieve lucidity. Nights with him are often spent in that blissful space between reality and infinity.  Last night's dream took place in a cafe.  Remix had a girlfriend that he was living with, and we were secret lovers on a rendezvous.  As we sat at the cafe table, and discussed the moral hazards of our clandestine affair, a deck of tarot cards appeared.  This was no ordinary tarot deck, but an exaggerated and beautifully illustrated version of my beloved "Beyonce", the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot.  I named my tarot cards after the flyest bitch in the world, yup!

In the dream, I told Remix we had to break it off, what we were doing wasn't right.  Not only was it wrong, but fundamentally what was it based on?  He shuffled the deck and showed me two cards.  The images were strong, I leaned in ready to interpret them.  But then in real life Remix shifted, back to reality I drifted, and they were gone.  I only remember one card:

It wasn't exactly like this.  But when I was fully awake and thought about it, this card had the best fit. Man, I wish I knew what that other card was. It's like getting all of the lotto numbers, but forgetting the powerball.

I do need to work on my lucid dreaming. I am going to make a concerted effort to do just that. I feel it is a powerful and useful skill. Even if you remove all of the metaphysical properties, and think of it in psychological terms, it is an interesting way to explore the subconscious mind.

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