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Monday, December 6, 2010

Love Bites and Reality Sucks

So, I'm at the three month point in my relationship, where things stop being all fun and games and real life sets in.  That's pretty much the theme of my whole life right now.  Next month heralds the advent of everything new, really, new versions of the same old shit.  I took a chance, and it looks like I failed.  Reminds me of the TLC song, "Waterfalls", though those familiar rivers and lakes at times had me feeling suicidal, this chasing waterfalls trip has left me feeling homicidal.  I guess that's a good thing.  Better you than me is how I see it.  I can't believe it.  I was high in July and now in December I've crashed.  The year is almost over and I've run out of both time and gas.  "Friends" and the like are of no comfort, I'm going to cut the next person that feeds me a cliche.  I've read them all before and I'll puff my chest out and say I can do one better. Want to challenge me?  Post a problem and I'll serve you up an original slice of drivel.

So, Reality Sucks...

But Love...It's still biting me.  I was spitting pure venom the past couple of days, turned my phone off just because I didn't want to hear anything you had to say...'cause man, if you hit me with the tried and true, I would have wanted to hit you black and blue.  And then I spoke to you, and it was all love.  'Cause it was all original, and suddenly...life felt less dismal.  You put thought into your words and I appreciate that.  Anybody can cut and paste, but it shows love to me when you create.  It feels good to be with someone who truly accepts you.  I don't have to transcend this, and act like this, and think like this, I can just be me...Twyla Marie.

P.S. Thank God you aren't one of those negative energy freaks.   The negative energy, it's destroying me.  Please. Puzzie, at ease.  Ain't nothing like a little gravity to get you what you want.  Believe that!

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