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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


HOMO THUG was the next item I selected from the African bootlegger.  I chose this book because it was about a man who is coming to terms with his sexuality.  My book features a man that has sex with a transgendered woman, and this is where the similarity ends.  My character is more of a sex addict/deviant versus a true homosexual.  Yes, there is a difference.

I knew in advance this book was poorly edited, (they didn't even bother run spell check) so I have no comment in that respect.  I decided to suspend any criticisms, and just enjoy the story.  The reviews on Amazon were rave.  I suspect black women enjoy reading about down low black men.  For some sick reason, I must confess, I like it too.  I know you are out there, and I see you.

Eh, the book was okay.  I would call it page turner though, due to the subject matter, not because of the writing or story.  The writing sucked, but the story itself has its moments.   The ending was lame. But if the reviews on Amazon were better for Part 2, I would have probably picked it up just to see how the life of this tragic man ends.  The book reads like an autobiography.  I feel the protagonist Michael Frasier is a fictionalized version of the author.  The transgendered sex scenes were described in such vivid detail.  If you have ever been curious about how sex is with a transgendered woman, he takes you there.  The character's grappling with his sexuality read so real. If you are contemplating a same-sex date, you will relate.  It veers off into secret society, and there is a very thinly veiled caricature of 50 Cent and G-Unit for all of you Illuminati/Gay Agenda conspiracy theorists.

If you like books about down low black men, and you don't mind poor grammar and punctuation, then I recommend HOMO THUG.  All you ever wanted to know about prison shower scenes between male and shemale can be found in the pages within.

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