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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

When I first heard Willow Smith was coming out with an album I was skeptical. I had a feeling she wasn't really talented, just a rich kid afforded the luxury of fulfilling all of her whims and dreams. Her first single, "Whip My Hair" did nothing to dissuade my skepticism, to my ears it sounds like a saccharin fueled autotuned poptastic spastic mess. And then my thoughts shifted. While she isn't a child prodigy a la Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson, she is still way better than say Miley Cyrus. She is younger and therefore less annoying than Justin Bieber. So while I still don't like her hair (she didn't have much hair to begin with, so no points for bravery for shaving one side and getting a trim). And I still don't like her song(or the video, she can't dance). I realize there is a huge market for auditory carcinogens, and applaud her and her parents' pristine business acumen. Little Willow looks very diabolical and clever.  I bet she and Jada are laughing at you suckers who like her single. I bet half the song is really sung by Jada. You can tell and sell the sheep anything, they just want to feel a part of something. The Smith family, I applaud you. Go ahead, Willow, get that money and whip it real good!


  1. Articulate but confusing, I couldn't tell if you liked it or hated it. Me? I love it!! Where did you hear that it's Jada singing? Anyone who can whip their head around like that without passing out, can certainly dance to me. Go Willow!!!

  2. Not too crazy about the song however being that there is no young black child stars out right now , i feel if willow hones her skills she has what it takes to fill the position.

    Matt Montana

  3. @ Anonymous: I feel neutral about it. I don't see the prodigy hype, but for her target audience 5-13, it does the trick. Childless adults get the sideways glance, and grown men get the pedophile, amber alert.