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Sunday, September 12, 2010


A friend sent me this text. I've transcribed it verbatim:

They brag to their peers oh how romantic sincere. They've been waiting praying for years. Here I appear. Calm their fears, whatever they say I hear. Gain their trust, to their heart I am near. Saying I love you too, begrudgingly with a sneer. Not after pussy, their mind I want to steer. Control and power has given me more of an erection for years. Cold and heartless immune to their tears. Sobbing, begging, asking why. I thought you weren't like other guys. No bitch I'm worse; I'm the devil in disguise.

My friend is an interesting guy. For as long as I've known him, he has always been infatuated with some woman. I have quite a few e-mails from him proclaiming various women as "the one".  And just as quickly as these relationships began, they ended. When I would call him and ask, "What happened?" Through the phone, I could imagine his shrug.  The woman had been discarded like a used tissue. His attitude: who cares.

I would feel sorry for the women. If you've ever read the "Art of Seduction", he fits the profile of the ideal lover.

Men like him are hard to spot. Because unlike a garden variety sociopath (that's how your text message read), when he tells these women how great they are, at the time he believes it.  It's hard to spot a liar when they aren't lying.  It's hard to spot a fraud when they are not being fake.  The sincerity they felt; it was real--for that moment.

I recently met this guy. And if you have been reading, it has gotten hot very quickly. I clicked with this guy because he felt so sincere. His words soothed any fears. He is easy to trust. Hmmm. So my body will keep going along for the ride (it's a really good one!).  But my mind will remain skeptic.  And my heart? I am keeping it tucked away in a safe place at home. I don't want to fall victim to an emotional terrorist.

Thanks for the reminder, friend. `


  1. I'm pretty sure most people disguise their intentions. We all want something from someone. We are all users and abusers and we all sometimes get used and abused.

  2. @anonymous: Not, I. I act with the purest of intentions and always shoot straight. My intention: I want your soul. See, I keep it real. Now give it up!

  3. who is this guy? or r u being metaphorical and symbolic in your write up? i really don't know who commented above you though but this is moi.

  4. @ moi: This is a true story about the friend who had the girl with the dirty apartment awhile back. Do a lot of men feel this way?

  5. nah i wouldnt say alot of guys feel like the guy you mentioned when it comes to meeting a female ... guys like that are really sensitive inside and dont want to get their feelings hurt themselves , i tell those dudes "pull your skirt down"

    Matt Montana

  6. I've been there, very disturbed individuals

  7. @Mz Kim: I need to ask my friend how to identify his kind. You know how like the best security experts used to be thieves.