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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I haven't updated in a minute.  I've been all tangled up in my boo.  Boo is a term I got from my sister to describe the midway point between jump off and boyfriend.  It's the modern version of the antiquated term lover.  I like having a boo.  It's comfortable and cozy.  All the benefits of a friend, without the official boyfriend title.  I don't like titles.  As soon as you place a label on something, as it attempts to define, it stunts and confines.  Titles are words.  Words are symbols and signs.  Meaningless in utterance, it's the heart that evokes them.

The term boo is cute and whimsical, just like we are.  No expectations, no obligations, everything is free flowing. And boy is it flowing.  Flowing so much, I feel when we get together--we stopped the world and we got off.  And left y'all there while we just do us.  I'm in the world right now and I can't take it.  Everything is in black and white, devoid of color.  I had to take a minute.  For though the magic of you is not with me; I am attempting to recreate it.

Boo, go to sleep tonight and dream us rich!  Just give me an idea: plant the seed and I'll be sure to make sure it germinates.  I'm waiting!


  1. the term boo sound cool n everything but i dont think no girl in this world is happy with their boo ... they all want a str8 up and down boyfriend , they want to go from stranger to boyfriend over night ... am i correct on this one? , or is this just my experiences?

    Matt Montana

  2. @Matt: Men want sex, companionship, caring etc. and all the benefits of a relationship from day one too--from stranger to girlfriend at hello. Am I correct on this one? Or has this just been my experiences? Meh, I don't even want this "boo" anymore. Thanks Matt for setting me straight.