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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My good friend/bro in law, the aptly named Godhead the General, is a trailblazer in the underground hip hop scene.  I went to a couple of ciphers years ago and though I enjoyed them, it wasn't really my thing.  My sis called me a chicken head and I was like okay, "cheep, cheep."  She asked what happened to me.  I used to be like her, a real head.  But scouring college radios and hanging around the underground looking for real hip hop was no longer a priority for me like it was back in the day.  I no longer lived and breathed it, I just consumed it; therefore I would take what I could get.  I was in the mental state of who cares about the lyrics just give me a hot beat--something to shake my ass, I'm not trying to learn, for that I'll sit in class.  Boy, was I ignorant and my life reflected it: no substance, all image. 

Now this was about five or so years ago and while mainstream hip hop back then was not at its peak, it has declined even further.  The shit out right now is beyond weak--it's pathetic, there is absolutely no lyrical: abysmal.  I've recently started writing and now I pay extra special attention to the words used.  Music is not just to dance to, the original intent was to send a message.  The beat is a vehicle to drive the words past your conscious state.  After awhile you just don't hear the words, you unconsciously absorb them, digest them and then you are them in your head.  But not in reality, because while you're spending money you don't have trying to emulate what you see; these so-called MCs on TV are getting it for free.  They might not even be getting it at all, what they portray is often rented, or the IRS is calling--they are overextended.

Now here are some links to REAL HIP HOP.  Hip hop is an art form.  It's poetry.  It sends a message of life: the story of the soul evoked from the depth of the lyricist's being to connect all that listen in a circle of Truth, Honor, Originality and Realism.  It's only with these four components can we collectively raise our consciousness and transcend, not just pretend.

Expand your mind, open up your heart and just  listen. We can all relate, so let's all connect.

Thor Takeover: http://www.thortakeoverrecords.com/fr_home.cfm

Soundbwoikillaz: www.soundbwoikillaz.com

MagnumO: http://www.myspace.com/60683144

Hustle N. Flow 2.0 : http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/HUSTLE-N-FLOW-20/260232668459?ref=nf

Everybody comment and add your link: share your truth, share your vision, share your love.


  1. The only reason underground music is considered to be "underground" ... is because it doesnt appeal to the masses ... dont worry about working on your content and worrying about what "mainstream" artist are doing ... instead worry about working on your appeal ... you could have the best content in the world , but if you cannot make it seem appealing no one will play your shit

    Matt Montana

  2. @ Matt: What factors do you feel contribute to the lack of widespread appeal?