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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Now I know you said you prefer ones that rhyme and talk about sex, but not today. I agree, the remix was crazy.  We'll have to work hard to top that one.  My flow is not fabricated, it comes from momentum. But I don't know: I like the times we just chill and and take it easy. There is nothing more to prove, we are in our groove.  When we feel up to it, we'll make a power move.  No pressure, every time is still a treasure.

But maybe tomorrow I'll talk about what we did last night.  I'll make it rhyme for you and it'll be tight.  But right now, I just want to say that you made my day and someone else's too.  For real, it's true.  You are powerful, full of love (spiritual energy) and everything else you say you're not.  All that self doubt needs to stop.  Let me tell you what you did.  You stopped me from beating a bitch down at Starbucks and instead of getting arrested, I made a new friend.

Here is what happened: I went to the cafe to get an iced coffee, send out resumes, write a little and beat the heat.  My laptop battery was low and so is the one on my cell phone.  I forgot my phone charger by the way, I probably left it under your bed.  So if you hit me and I don't answer, I'm not ignoring you--my phone is dead.  Back to the story:  I took a seat near an outlet.  It had a magazine covering it. I put the magazine on the table next to me and just before I was going to get settled in; I noticed on the table a mostly finished drink.   I changed chairs and waited to see if someone would reclaim it.  I thought to put the magazine back on the chair but before I did, someone appeared.  It was an angry looking woman dressed in full fall gear. She had a black jacket on in this hot weather, so I knew from the outset--she wasn't all the way there.  She sat down and asked loudly, "Who the fuck touched my shit?"  Not to anyone in particular, but I knew what I did.  I apologized and said it was me.  I explained, "I didn't mean to touch your belongings.  I didn't know it was your seat."  She didn't let it go.  She said to me, "Why the hell did you do that for?"  Now just a few weeks ago I would have gotten tight.  I already apologized, so she must have wanted to fight.  Instead of escalating the aggression, I explained myself again and asked her about her day.  She was taken aback by my question and confessed everything in her life was going horrible.  I sympathized with her and offered her blessings and told her: hold on, things will get more tolerable.  She accepted what I said and her attitude immediately changed.  It went from having a dark cloud over her head to matching the bright sun of the day. She apologized for her overreaction.  I told her, "It's okay, bad days happen."  We made a little small talk and I advised her to look up mercury in retrograde.  When she left, she offered me the chair.  And when someone tried to slip into it before I got up; she told them, "Sorry, I was saving it for her, my friend."

Isn't that a nice story.  And it was all because of you.  Your spiritual energy shined through me and onto her.  You are powerful.   In the presence of negativity, your love is mitigating.  You affect positive change.  And like that woman, the tide will change for you too.  It is already: you will soon get everything that was taken from you times 100,002. Everything will be stupendous to suggest anything else would be utterly preposterous. :-)

Your love is coming, open up and embrace it, keep it flowing...



  1. I will. Finally I see our disagreements are just in your choice of words. We fundamentally share the same principles. I will continue shinning through you even as you spread the light, joy and happiness. :-)

  2. @anonymous: You have it all wrong. Keep reading, I will illuminate it all for you.