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Thursday, August 12, 2010

30,000 show up for Section 8 Housing Applications in Atlanta.

30,000 people stood in line for 455 Section 8 Applications in 90 degree weather. They gave out 13,000. There were fights. A woman went into labor. Children were trampled. There were cases of heatstroke. It was acknowledged there will be applicants on the waiting list forever. They could have closed the line after the 3,000th applicant. Why did they let the line grow to that proportion?

It's to laugh at us.


  1. Why didn't they mail them out or have them filled out online?

  2. @preternatural: that would have made too much sense.

  3. Anyones over the 13,000 who remained are damn dummies....and so are the folks who arranged this, who obviously didn't cut the line off at 13,000. FAIL.

  4. @Mz. Kim: Even the 13,000 applications handed out were redundant, as there are no vacancies for housing. The unemployment rate is 10.8% in ATL, which is a misleading percentage as that number only represents the recently unemployed. The situation for those 30,000 must be mighty bleak for them to wait out there in the heat.