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Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Creep A. Keys and Swizz Beatz Wed

I don't like Alicia Keys.  I have never been a fan--I always found her overrated, boring and pretentious but after the whole Swizzy debacle I downright can't stand her.  It's not because I am judging her for her actions.  If you substituted Nicki Minaj for A. Keys in the situation, I would have nothing to say.  You can never accuse Nicki of moralizing and pontificating.  A. Keys made a whole career of being the modest self righteous super woman and if there is one thing I can't stand it's a hypocrite.  Hypocrites are evil: they destroy trust with their mental masturbation.

I don't want to hear that she's an artist and can't control her image, blah blah.  Plenty of women have made careers of being their scandalous selves and she could have too.  She's just a rhythmically challenged sociopath.  Beware of those with shifty eyes...

If you want some pictures look at them here: http://missjia.com/alicia-swizzy-wed-southern-corsica-piantarella.html

I started to download them but meh...Neither one of them look nice.  I always thought Alicia had nice hair but then I realized even her hair was usually fake.


  1. Young lady, being a hypocrite is a choice. Who made you the judge? Its her life and she never said she was living it for you to take after. She is human and humans err. Pick what's good and leave what you think is baggage behind. I ain't her fan either but your post is deep for someone you personally don't know. Live and lets live.

  2. We all play judge and jury. You are saying you don't judge? She chose to put herself out for public consumption as an entertainer with her interviews and music and since I don't like her I choose to spit her out.

  3. lol....I luv it! Very true. that's what gets me...all the self righteousness. Like on the BET awards in her acceptance speech "I represent women empowerment!" Really?!? Kick rocks! I agree word for word. Love her music.....that's it.

  4. @ Ms Kim. Exactly that's why I love Angelina Jolie she's an unabashed "man stealer".

  5. @ Non Sequitur718: Exactly!

  6. I like Alicia Keys music..some of it anyway. And just like R.Kelly I could care less what an artist does in their personal life, I appreciate the talent and not the person. Yeah she's a hypocrite, yeah she's a shifty eyed 1/2 devil 1/2 jig, but I still dig some of her work.

  7. @mm833m: As pervy as Kells is when he sings his music you can feel that he feels it, so you can too. But, "Seems like your ready," does take on a whole other connotation when you consider he is serenading a preteen. A. Keys' music always sounded false to me. Interestingly enough the only song of hers I ever liked was the one that goes, "I think I'm jealous of your girlfriend,"; I felt that