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Sunday, August 15, 2010


I looked around and I don't see none. (I know any, double negative used for effect) There is no one out I want to celebrate--except for my #1VivaLaBeyonce and she is on a break. I checked Mediatakeout,Bossip et al to lend my commentary on the news today. The only thing that was interesting was big mouth Kanye.

No, Kanye, Swizzy is not the #1 Producer of all time. You just want to start some shit, I know you really don't mean that. I'd put you over him, sometimes your beats are just epic. Like they could be the score of something colossal and great: Paradise Lost the Remix.

Swizzy, I like him too though, he has something but nothing incredible. His beats are infectious but just not memorable. His sound is signature and still I draw a blank.

And as far as Nicki Minaj being the 2nd best rapper of all time: lay off the yayo, 'Ye.

Fantasia's suicide attempt, new CD, married boyfriend in the park pictures: Who cares.

Hope tomorrow is better than today.

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