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Monday, August 23, 2010


My anticipation of a good lay was thwarted to my dismay by the three minute brother.  I guess the pussy was too tight, it was cute how you tried to fight.  I told you, you couldn't handle it.   My back shot is a death shot, five strokes in and you popped off like a glock.  I wasn't watching the clock.  But damn, just when it started to get good, you faked on me dude. How rude. I think you owe me something. You got yours but what did I get?  All the foreplay was fine but what I really wanted was to ride the...Did you like the way I sucked your dick?  I know you did.  Instead of trying to hide it--next time you are about to cum-- how about a little communication, son.  When the pressure threatens to erupt, that's when it's time to pull up.  It's alright, baby.  For you, I'll hold a class. Show you how I want you to put it on this fine ass. Yup!  I got skills that I can teach ya. You got the rhythm, now let me do the remix.  Hot kisses, good looks, and a wicked tongue are keeping you in the game.  Next time I let you in, you better have me saying your name.

Or else my next post about you won't be so nice!

Yours truly,
Non Sequitur718


  1. WOW......OUCH! That bite was so painful, even I feel his pain......lol

  2. @Mz Kim: I wield my pen like a sword.

  3. Its natural sometimes and as highlighted communication is the key to having and enjoying a wonderful love making session. That said, women in reality hardly tell their man what has just being narrated. The reason(s) eludes me but I would want to think no matter how familiar we think we are about our sexuality and intercourse, we still see the act as sacred. My foregone statement above does not represent an absolute but a reasonable representation.

  4. @anonymous: communication is key for a healthy and mutually enjoyable sexual relationship.

  5. Is there something else the poor man can offer you? LOL. Maybe you should bring him along slowly...give it to him in increments LOL.

    Keith B.

  6. @KeithB: After this who knows if he'll even talk to me. What? I thought it was funny.

  7. hahahaha , the three minute brother needs to step it up huh? ... you got skills with your pen though , I like your wordplay

    Matt Montana

  8. @ Matt Montana: Thanks. I still have full confidence in his future ability. I'll take his performance as a compliment like I am so sexy, as is he. I dedicate this song to him, my new best friend.


  9. Im confused. LOL It all just confuses me. I do appreciate your talents though.