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Thursday, August 19, 2010

P-Star Rising

One of my good friends and I share my Netflix account. Our tastes vary dramatically: I prefer horror and thrillers, he watches documentaries. He is always trying to get me to watch a food industry expose or the expedition of some unknown person doing some who cares thing, so I usually ignore his movies viewed list until today one caught my eye: P-Star Rising.

P-Star Rising is the documentary of nine year old Priscilla Star Diaz's, the youngest female rapper, rise to fame. My first thought was to roll my eyes and mutter, "Oh brother." But as the documentary went on I had to give mamita her respect, to perform on stage in front of adults at nine--you can't diss. She was cute, yea, but she had that special something that made you want to watch and I'm glad I did.

It was a compelling movie: the long lost crackhead mother, the pushed aside learning disabled older sister, the father trying to live vicariously through his kid, but the stage belonged to Priscilla because she is most definitely a star:

Everybody loved P-Star, including her managers who looked like they had a countdown on her jail bait p-star.

She made my ovaries jump.  Instead of shaking my head as I watched her father blow through her 10K advance, I started to calculate.  With my business acumen, and the personality of that kid, there would be no way I we couldn't win.  In the near future, I'll be birthing my own superstar.

I can see it right now, and in about ten years, you will too.

We owe it all to little Priscilla Star Diaz for sharing her dream with us: Good Luck P-Star! Just keep your lil p-star on lock and we'll see you on top.


  1. That is if the dad doesn't ruin her before then because it sure seem that way as it is. It is actually analogues to a dad pimping his daughter. Some sane person should manage her funds and I hope disabled sister is not abuse and oppressed psychologically. They should turn out good I hope.

  2. The father is doing the best he can with what he's got: no education, no real skills, criminal record, two motherless daughters to raise. The only hustle he knows is the rap game and he's trying his school his daughter to not make the same mistakes he did. At least whatever information he has, he shares with his daughters so they can build upon, so far so good. He was two good-natured, beautiful girls. They were in a homeless shelter before that deal came through, he went a little crazy.