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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Up until maybe 2000, I loved hip hop.  I remember the very last CD I bought: Mos Def: Black on Both Sides.  That was the last good year and though there have been a few vapors here and there for the most part: Hip Hop is Dead.

For the mainstream, we have Kanye and though people hate on Weezy, at times I dig his word play, and Killa Cam when he wants to knows how to get on a beat and skate.  As a writer, I prefer my prose to flow, so I see the talent.  Drake, remains to be seen, though some of his music is catchy--I really don't see anything...

But he is new school, and I am cool school, so for me--Hip Hop is Dead.

I went to a family reunion and they played that song, "Teach me how to Dougie,".  It was cute watching the kids dance, but I remember when MC Hammer made his cheesy dance music-- how we laughed and laughed.  Sure people danced to it, but it was understood that he was whack.

But now such music is considered hot, a sure sign that: Hip Hop is Dead.

For all aspiring rappers keep trying, it's not that hard to make it anymore: just hang your pants low, get a decent beat and come up with a correlating dance.


  1. "Do da helicopter. Do da helicopter"
    "Do da water sprinkler. Do da water sprinkler."
    Pop it pop it then drop it like it's hot.

  2. My favorite punchline: "But he is new school, and I am cool school, so for me--Hip Hop is Dead."

    Indeed it is, Nas said it best

  3. Somebody needs to get the pioneers in a recording studio together and create a CD full of classics. That my spur the revival of hip-hop.

    Keith B.

  4. @Keith B:Good idea, let the new school have a go to anthology of pioneers.