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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now I'm all about self-help--really I am.  But this happy happy joy joy everything is love movement that seems to be sweeping across Facebook and stores that smell heavily of incense gets on my nerves.  It's not because I am a kill joy, it's because I think it's unhealthy.  Everything in life isn't roses and everything isn't boo boo either.  To swing from one extreme or the other like a pendulum is no good: the essence of life is in homeostasis.  To see everything in an overly positive manner is suppressive--there isn't always always a silver lining sometimes it just is what it is.  There isn't always a deep lesson--oft times the lesson is that you were on some bullshit and you already knew this. 

If you can't accept that to me that is indicative of a deep problem. 


  1. Very true, as I would know! lol

  2. I like overly optimistic people. They make me change my views on life at times. However, just like all doom and gloom isnt healthy, the opposite cant be very healthy either. Extremes are never really beneficial.

  3. Overly optimistic people do balance the doom and gloom (I call them wallowers), true, but as you stated; the overly optimistic need some balancing too. The overly optimistic (I call them avoiders) when faced with the imminent often times begin to crack--can't take the real life pressure.