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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Do you?  Do you take time out of the day for self reflection: get in touch with your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, motivations and intentions.  If not, you should.  A lot of people concern themselves with the affairs of others and neglect themselves.  All of those comments, observations and judgments many of us partake in throughout the day of others are normal and actually healthy but would serve a far greater purpose if we would turn them inward.  I know the word judgment has a bad rap but the actual definition is neutral.  I judge myself all the time and am better for it.

It keeps me in touch with myself: where I am going and how I am feeling.  If I didn't, I would be meandering on the path of least resistance.  Taking that path will keep you afloat: the universe will provide the basics: a bowl of rice, a bed to sleep on and some shelter.  If you go with the flow you might even get lucky and catch a wave.

But I want more than that: I have to take the path least taken.

That was my self reflection of the day--What's yours?

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  1. For the day? Well that song from Soul II Soul comes to mind. "Keep on Moving". Plus your fav producer "On to the Next One".