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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wherever you are: you belong.  If you leave and come right back: you belong.  If the only thing that separates you from you and your environment is your better than ideal: you belong.

I listen to people proclaim various aspects of their lives as, "not being me".  But it is; if it wasn't you, you wouldn't be there.  If that man wasn't you, you wouldn't have dated him.  If that situation wasn't you, you wouldn't have involved yourself in it.  If those people you associate with weren't you, you wouldn't have associated with them. 

Think about it, the times in your life that you were put in situations that truly weren't you--you left.

So please, if you are in it, then you are with it.  You can tell yourself whatever you want, but you belong and you are just like them.


  1. How does one destroy what they are to become what they try to be? Is it possible?

  2. That's a challenging question. One that actually would be best answered through exploration with a real therapist.

    It sounds like you are in conflict with your actual self versus your idealized self, you have to figure out where the disconnect is. Why are you the way that you are now? Until you can answer that question, it's going to be hard to go forward.