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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Beware of the vampires amongst us, they are not trying to suck your blood, they want your energy--they are trying to consume your soul.

"The psychic vampire is a person in whom this flow is perpetually imbalanced and therefore they boost their own levels by contact with other people and "absorb" that energy for themselves. You will most likely recognize the signs of psychic vampires. They are the individuals who need constant attention, sympathy, or reaffirmation of their worth. They are the often belligerent people we meet who demand they be noticed and obeyed; the ones who waste our time being made to give them our attention or else."


Stay away--I'm going to crucify you.

Are you one?


  1. Funny a vampire (literal) is going to crucify her cohorts. Where do you stand - with us or with them?

  2. There isn't a lone ground in this place.

  3. Oh yes, there is. Step outside the box...what's that sound: crickets. I stand alone.