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Friday, August 6, 2010


There is nothing wrong with having someone to aspire to and this girl is mine.  I first saw her picture in this guy's signature on a message board and I copied it.  I have never done anything like that, there are plenty of girls with nice bodies, but this one just resonated: she's like my #1 Viva La Beyonce on steroids.
Behold I present to you the BEST BODY IN THE WORLD:

Well to me it is, from her hair to her thighs: flawless.  I've been slacking on my workouts this week and I needed to see that.  Keeping my eye on the prize: 7:30AM a few yoga asanas, stretching, abs and three miles.  GET IT! GET IT!


  1. Gosh. This is beautiful. A perfect body indeed and you shouldn't make me wait any more. Get the prize and stop keeping an eye on it. Why do I now feel some people were specially made? This is really wow. Damn

  2. @shai: Well you have to see the prize to achieve it. Who knew there where bodies like this in the world? I'm committing myself to working out five times a week. She exercises every day she stated but not me. And what are you waiting for?

  3. hahahahahahah. We both know what I am waiting for. Now that you know you have to get it too and even better. U necessarily don't have to do it everyday. Our bodies respond differently and i think five times a week is a-okay with what I have seen so far.

  4. what a nice curve body