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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My favorite poster asked me to comment on this story so here it goes:

The gossip sites are all abuzz about this girl:
This classy young lady is Laurence Fishburne's daughter, Montana.  Now since she is of legal age I'm going to skip all the rhetoric: you are hoe, you are a disgrace, you are humiliating your father, your mother should have swallowed you--blah, blah...she's heard it all before and she obviously doesn't care.

Since many women who are in the sex industry have suffered some type of sexual abuse, if this is the case with her, I implore her to get professional help.  Expose your abuser for the animal that he is, do not expose yourself.

Now that I've done my PSA, I'm going to climb off of my soap box and give some helpful advice:

I read that her inspiration for this trifefest is Kim Kardashian.  Like Kimmy she wants to be famous for back shots and sucking dick.  The problem is that Kim Kardashian is white and Montana is black.  When a white girl has sex tapes "leaked" she is being naughty and risque; conversely when a black girl does it she's well being black.  As a black woman you are known for dropping it like it's hot, popping that pussy, shaking that ass girl--so you releasing a sex tape is: zzz....BORING...according to the media you are doing what you are SUPPOSED to do.  

If you really wanted to become famous and not just for fifteen seconds of LOLZ you should have won a Pulitzer Prize or something.  Now that would be shocking as it would illustrate that not only are you pretty, you were born into wealth and you have talent and can READ.  You would have been stuntin' on Kim, Paris and the rest of that ilk.  Homegirl, you messed up. 

As an indoctrinated member of the stripper/prostitute crew you need a weave.  Your idol Kim loves her extensions and you should too.  Next picture I see of you better have at least 18 inches of primo Remi well blended, flowing down your back.

You have money so choose a better venue.  I didn't watch all of Kim's sex tape but I doubt it featured scenes of her on a toilet seat.

Last but not least visit the MAC counter and get yourself some butt shots.  Look what it did for your idol Ms. Kimmy:  Big Improvement, Right?


Non Sequitur718


  1. Do I sense some emotions and prejudices in your write up? Personally I disagree with her but come to think of it, she is 19 and by every standard has all the rights over what she wants and doesn't want in HER life. It is unfortunate her dad expected more. The truth remains it is her life. My only advice to her (instead of your outlined procedural one above) is that she should have been innovative instead of taking after someone we are getting tired of.

  2. @Shai what would be an innovative way for her to launch her porn career? No emotions or prejudices just calling it as I see it. Do you envision her meeting with heads of state, earning 100K per club appearance, getting product endorsements, a reality show and spin off for her siblings off of a sex tape, and earning 5 million a year like Kim K? Do you feel Montana will become the next It girl as she dreams?

    That's enough, I apologize for taking up too much of your time-- I read the video can be found on xtube.com. Happy Downloading. :-)

  3. I really don't know what the turn of events will be. She may make or not. Already her porn movie has an overwhelming pre-release subscription. A sign that she is making it. My innovation is for her to get to the top - famous and rich - by some different route not necessarily pornography.
    Why is it okay to do drugs - cocaine/lady Gaga - and a total sin to do porn in your own world? It doesn't matter what I think whether she would be the next IT girl or not. The point is according to law she is an adult who would be held accountable for her own actions. I am pro choice.
    Meanwhile "xtube.com. Happy Downloading. :-)" was below the belt.

  4. @shai- cocaine is illegal, porn is not--I don't partake in either and I don't care who does. I commented on both stories as I saw fit. The interest in Montana's sex tape is no indication of whether or not she will make it, for now she is a novelty--the key to making it is consistent interest, future profitable opportunities: longevity. Whether or not Montana has longevity remains like you said to be seen. I doubt it though, she doesn't have the looks or mass appeal of her idol, Kim K.

    What? Porn is legal and if you were interested then I was providing the address of where to download it and if you are not then don't.

    Information: Use it or Lose it

  5. This isn't about you. It isn't about the legality or illegality of porn or coke. It is about being let down by your adult child doing something you see as wrong or societally unacceptable. If you don't endorse her actions doesn't mean she can't live her life how she wants irrespective of how successful or unsuccessful her path leads her. Longevity n success is determined by time and chance.