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Friday, August 13, 2010


One of my posters wanted me to comment on the video below:


I couldn't directly embed the video, so just copy the link and paste it into your browser to view.

The last time I went to church was when I was fifteen because my cousin told me that was the only way she'd let me borrow her miniskirt--so I'm admittedly probably not the best person to comment on this video, but here it goes:

I don't know if the church keeps black women single, but I do know those men in the video were atrocious. That's why I think so many black women are single, atrocious looking and acting black men.

Why y'all gotta look and act like that?

My goodness get it together.


  1. I guess I would never get a constructive answer as to why 42% of African American women remain single, the highest for any race in the land. You also sounded defensive. i was expecting to hear your view from the inside even if not from the perspective of the church - maybe from the dark side.

  2. @anonymous: The video was entitled "Single Black Women and the Church" and I gave my commentary on it. I was not being defensive those men were atrocious and I stand firmly behind my statement. Was there more than one man? They all looked different versions of the same: horrible. Did they pick those men as a joke? The women in the video stated the church had nothing to do with their single status, so as a non church going person, I'll refer to them. The "dark" side doesn't answer questions about single black women, it doesn't care. I'm not a social scientist so excuse my lack of empirical data. The reason most likely has so many factors and is not easily answered. That being said, in my opinion, the reason why black women are single is simply because they choose to be. I could reference the achievement gap between black women and men that accounts for the supposed shortage of eligible black men. Even if there is a shortage of eligible black men, the deficit could easily be filled by men of other races. If a black woman doesn't want to marry "down" in terms of socioeconomic status and does not want to marry inter-racially then ultimately the reason why she is single boils down to her choice.

  3. hahahaha, i see. Black, single, educated, independent, drama queen. Unfortunately the studies done by Yale University didn't say the 42% were of high socioeconomic status. In fact most are not. So how do you explain that.

  4. @anonymous: I can't. I'll take another stab: black men won't marry them. So you answer that, why don't black men want black women?