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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I like to write the dark and twisted for the same reason middle class suburban kids like rap--It's not my life.  My curiosity is both morbid and perverse.  And though I don't want to be a hack, I do need a stack; so after I finish my second book, I think I'll write a love story.  How boring.  Love stories don't move me or woo me; I had my fill of them as a preteen reading Harlequin Romance.  I want to write what I love, but in doing so I'll have to work doing what I hate; so I think I'll write a love story.  It'll be a good story, maybe even a sexy story but one thing is that it won't be based in fantasy and filled with cliches.  It'll be realistic.  It'll mirror the relationships I have witnessed.  Not the ones I have been in because that book would be: boring.  So perhaps I'll be able to write the dark and twisted after all--yea...I'll think I'll write a love story:

I think I'll write a love story:

A story that is not fantasy but reads like a dream
A story of a woman that finds the king to her queen (Only one queen allowed)
A story of a king that would rather die than have sex other men (Trannies are men too)
A story of a man that does not lie or pretend (I hate it when men lie about their professions)
A story of a love that is elevating not debasing(If you can't rise to my level don't try to bring me down)
A story of romance not sought but found by chance(I refuse to scour clubs, the internet and bars)
A story of a couple that grows together (If I can't make money with you then eff ya)
A story that will have to be read to be continued (Buy the book y'all)
I think I'll write a love story


  1. "Not the ones I have been in ............." Are u really that boring and sad (assumed)?

  2. You assume too much, not good--to have a belief you must have baseline or basis. Sad, yes--I want a three book deal, a movie deal and a show on the HBO network and I have none.

  3. She is the epitome of imperviousness
    Maybe its a skill she's adapted over the years, maybe its indigenous
    Non-religious, atypical intellect, undaunted swag
    Introspective, reflective, ruminative
    Verbally lambaste you in defense leave you unindated
    Reluctant are the many; she's not for the fainthearted
    Get flippant, easily disregarded

    NO schlerp*