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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Life is in the now.  All we know for sure is here, what happens next: who knows.  The only language I know is English, so I am unable to read any ancient texts.  Sure there are translations but translations are versions and we all know if you ask 50 people to tell their version of an event, you will get 50 different stories.  Besides even in the original texts, many parts are omitted and an incomplete story can't possibly tell the whole truth.

As far as quantum physics and the afterlife, I'm not even going to go there--I dropped physics in high school and single variable calculus kicked my ass(any class that requires more than fifteen minutes of studying before a test will kick it).

Reincarnation is not a concept I fully understand.  I read a book on left hand path tantra that states you can be reincarnated as an ant.  According to this aghori, the last thing you were thinking of before you die is what you will be.  This man was thinking about how much he wanted to eat a mango, died, and was reincarnated as an ant on the fruit.  Sounds pretty far fetched but no more far fetched than any other religious myth. I have also read that once a human, you will always be reincarnated as a human.  Ant, human, who can definitively say which one is true, I guess pick the version that best suits you--no animal or insect for me.

So all I know is: Life is in the Now.  You can make your now heaven, or you can make your now hell, it's up to you: free will.  This is not to say that things won't happen to you that are out of your control-- because they will, but while you have your druthers about you make it do what it do.

I'll borrow the 80/20 principle.  80 percent of what happens in your life is in your control: by either how you choose to react to a situation, the lifestyle you lead, and whether you choose to hold onto negative events, or stay in places, with people or in situations that don't serve you. 20 percent is out of your control: illnesses, violent crimes and other catastrophic events.

My favorite quote from the Qu'ran, which I actually heard on that TV show Sleeper Cell, was said when this jihad girl who was a nanny complained about her employer sexually harassing her.  The character she complained to, Darwin, hit her with a quote from the Qu'ran as a response (I'm paraphrasing a paraphrase so this is just the gist): Allah gave you this whole world as yours.  Why do you choose to stay in a place that does not serve you?

He then went on to kick her employer's butt, but he was right.  She chose to stay in that situation, she could have left but she wanted to stay and be fondled so she could be a terrorist.

In conclusion: Make the best of what you have today, nobody knows for sure what happens next.  Hey who knows, maybe this is the afterlife.

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