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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Nine years ago the world lost an angel. Her passing will be one commemorated with the question, "Where were you when you heard?", as it is with all of the greats. I was sleeping on my couch with the news on, the words delivering the message of her untimely passing floated through my subconscious--their meaning so unreal, they woke me up from a dream. I remember thinking, it couldn't be, it must have been a dream within a dream and what could it mean? I immediately called a friend who confirmed the sad news; I grieved. Grieved for her as I would a beloved family member or friend, for though I never knew her, baby girl was a friend in my head. I admired her music, her style and that beautiful hair. She was beautiful: gentle, tangible, and multifaceted. Unlike the cookie cutter pop stars of today, she was human. And though many will try to emulate, no one will ever come close--for the energy that was her is not one that can be contrived or duplicated. I remember you today, my dark angel, gone from us who are here now, yet right here just the same.

RIP Aaliyah, We miss you.


  1. Shit her passing affected me more than that other event that happened that year. I was still mourning her and I seem to remember hearing about that other event the same exact way as you. Awakened by it. Rest in Peace Aaliyah.

  2. SMH...at the other event. Only you. Only you.

  3. RIP Aaliyah indeed. What events are you gals talking bout or is it private?

  4. That was so beautifully said. I felt the same way, like I knew her..... I even attended her memorial service at Cipriani's. She was destined for superstardom. Now's she's a superstar, above. RIP.

  5. @Anonymous: He is referring to 911. As a non New Yorker, to him it was just another event.