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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Now I know I should change your name from 3MB.  Instead your name needs to be IEB.  The I for infinity the E for eternity.  But I like 3MB, it serves as a reminder: what you got going on now is so little of what you can potentially conceive.  Your potential is exponential and my pussy I mean my love will be instrumental.   Baby, I gotta tell you that I'm really feeling you.  When I close my eyes and grip my legs tight that's when I can still feel you   When you fucked me twisted sideways last night that's when I could really feel you.  I think that's our new favorite position.  We work so well together when we compromise.  You get to hit it from the back and I get to watch you when you cum.  I like the face you make.  Bite your lower lip. Damn, I know the feeling. Yea, that face.  Are you ready tonight to make another face?  No more vodka, let's get some henny skip the chase.  We've only known each other for a little over a week but it seems way longer than that--at least twelve days.  It's been 20 hours of sex done in 10 different ways, a couple hours of conversation between each lay.  We've bonded, we're good, if I don't hit you back--I lost my phone, come ring bell #2.  Who cares what this is?  It is what it is.  And it's more than good.  Who cares about the past?  That shit is over.  We about to blast.  Like when you pop off.  After I suck and ride til we get our rocks off.  Next year.  Everything is gonna be diamond: IF D color clear. I can't wait.  It's getting late. I'm about to take a shower. And get ready for you to give it to me daddy.  Gonna get dressed in something special.  If you liked what I had on last night.  Wait til you see me.  You gonna be singing, "There goes my baby.  Ooo girl, look at you."  No, look at you.  I see you.  Body right from the gym after getting on your L. Ferrig. Damn you my nig.  This is crazy. Hot and wet and we ain't even done nothing yet.  I got another hour left.  Hurry up. We need to make a tape. The shit is so...yo...even with my vocab I can't even properly articulate.  Can you relate?  I wish I could show you.  But I won't.  But tune in tomorrow, I can't show but I can tell.  Hope your night ends well.  'Cause mine will.   Yup!


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. You get better by the day. Suck, ride, sex, different ways, etc got me hard as a rock. I wish you were literally here by my side. We should be making our tape soon hopefully.