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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. Laura: White People and the N-Word.

I don't have a long dissertation to write on this topic.  If you don't understand why black comedians can use the n-word and you can't, I suggest you take a trip to the "hood" and address the first group of young black men you come across cloistered around the liquor store as "Nigger" and see what happens.  Now replay the situation and replace me with you.  Do you see the difference?

Just as a child can't use grown folks language, you as a white person can't use black people's language.

What I want to know is why are you hell bent on using the word?  The outrage expressed by not being able to use the word is pathological.  You know the history behind it, you created it.  You didn't give black people reparations so let us have our n-word.  We will argue amongst each other over the appropriateness of its use.

I would not address a bunch of unknown gay men as "faggot" because I know it could be potentially offensive.  And guess what?  I don't want to.  I would be cool with never using the word faggot again in life.  In general, I would be okay with never using a pejorative word for a group that I do not belong to.  It doesn't bother me that gay men can use it freely and I can't.  I'm not a member of that group and membership has its hindrances and its privileges.

So for all you white people that are just dying to say the word nigger-- check the stats.  Would you really want to be a nigger?  I thought so.  Now shut the fuck up.


  1. Haha. Do I agree with you? - NO. Being politically correct is ruining all the fun in life as well as the freedom of speech. Why can't I talk about Mohammed as I like or use words like whore, nigga, faggot, idiot, retard, fool, gringo, etc because of my race, religion or whatever segregative groupings you decide to use? We all know when we are insulted and when we are being talked to normally so why not allow freedom of speech instead of attaching meanings to words used by a race or religious groups.

  2. @anonymous: While I do agree everyone has the right to say whatever they want with freedom comes responsibility and consequences. Why don't you go to work and call one of your gay co-workers a faggot and come back and post what happens?

  3. @mdmartin72- Your guess is as good as mine.