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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

J. Cole - Who Dat

Someone told me he was hot. I don't know about that, he has some lukewarm appeal probably because I'm partial to young niggas and yella niggas and he is both. The production is decent and he has a flow but, nah son. This was one of those songs the more I heard it the less I liked it. He sounds like he's done a good job imitating but has no style of his own to claim.

It doesn't matter though--the way hip hop is these days, I'm sure he'll be a shoo-in for 106 and Park.

I read that in ten years he'll be one of the greats; possibly if over the next ten years his life experiences give him a sound and something to say.

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  1. The thought of him makes me sleepy (yawn), next! RIP Hip Hop