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I am a writer of dark magical realism. All that is visible but rarely seen, all that is real but seems surreal, all that is dark yet radiates light.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have a good friend named Mike and he is a magician.  Not an illusionist like David Blaine or Crys Angel but a real live magician--if he speaks it, it exists, if he thinks it, it exists.  The frequency of these occurrences are uncanny, he's not a student of the New Age--I doubt he's read The Secret or cares about the Law of Attraction.  Those books filled with terminology, he doesn't need them.  What could they teach him? He has real power.  I'm dead serious, he could charge by the hour.  Let me tell you, what you work for, he just gets.  He told me he was retiring at a ridiculously young age and I laughed.  He barely worked enough to retire from anything but somehow he did.  I've also seen his life take some crazy turns, and he said and thought those turns too.  I watch him think and speak into existence the construction, and then I sit back and watch him map out the destruction.  I know you had something to do with what happened to that lady whose name sounds like a drink.  Not directly, but there was probably a correlation between what happened to her and what you were thinking.  What a waste of time, you have to control those energies.  Let me do that for you.

Here is something to focus on: THINK AND SPEAK US RICH.


  1. How does one harness all that power?

  2. Recognize the power as being there. You have to acknowledge it, once you do that, you will become more cognizant of it. Train your mind, practice some form of meditation, learn how to clear those thoughts that have no reason to be there. Those useless, dark thoughts usually manifest quickly because they require little exertion of energy. Exert some energy, you have it easy but don't be lazy. Clear out some of that negativity: self doubt, insecurity, anger and jealousy and the rest are so worthless. If those thoughts persist, check your environment, maybe you need to become more aware and clear out some worthless people. Once you are clear and aware, then you can focus it. You have the will (power) you just need an illuminated way.

  3. Preacher or is it preacher's wife. Why is your friend or your abstract person not one of our billionaires? And why does he not think everyone rich and outta poverty and sickness?

  4. I'm the preacher and his wife. He's not a billionaire because he does not believe himself deserving or capable of being one. If he can't believe it for him, he can't believe it for you. To be it, he'd first have to believe it. When he believes it, he will see it, and then you will all be it. Mike, the world is waiting for you. Give them free.

  5. That means I am a better magician that Mikey then because he is limited in his beliefs. Help expound his mind.