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Monday, August 2, 2010


I think you are stupid.  The support order is not for you but for the child.  If you don't feel you need the money than put it in a trust and give it to the intended recipient when they become of legal age.  Why should the child have to incur student loans or be deprived of extracurricular activities because of your foolish egotistical pride?  I don't want to hear that you got this:  a very small percentage of the United States population has real wealth. Do you think Ivana Trump told Donald, "Oh no, you keep that,"? Of course she didn't--she's smart.  Unlike you, who is dumb, struggling and broke.  Men and Women: Child support is not a luxury it's the law and if you don't pay your child support-- Sorry! They should lock your no good criminal ass up.


  1. First of the law should be upheld. Any responsible man should be responsible enough to raise his child irrespective of what the law is. The problem with the child support law is that the women are not held accountable and they tend in most cases not to act responsibly spending these hard earned money on themselves instead of the children it is meant for. Most independent responsible women would not need to ask for it and may never take directly from the man except he gives to his child himself. In some cases where the woman is broke, unemployed etc i am sure a responsible guy would handle his business right but where he fails to the lady should hesitate to resort to the law. in a case where both parties are broke and unemployed, God help their soul; oh no I mean god help the child. My final take, lets communicate more and let peace reign.

  2. Independent woman is a line men feed women to pump them up--so while they are basking in their status the man that had them, bred them and left them is off doing him and spending that 22 percent that should have gone to the child on the next piece. I don't know how many times I have met men that proudly proclaim they don't pay child support. They can buy me and my friends drinks at the bar but can't give money to support their child. How do you say low life?

  3. I agree, give the child/children what's entitled to them. Whether rich or not, I'd make sure the father of my child/ren takes care of his business....and LEGALLY. The women who allow this, are low lives just as well.

  4. I dread the day when I get someone prego that I dont intend on being with. If that day happens and I know about it, its my responsibility to pay for the bastard. I told her a line, at one point thought she was fine, joined her thing and mine, now I gotta do the time if I dont take care of mine. Here's a point though, sometimes when a woman feels sorry for this guy with whom she has a child with because he's fed her a sob story about all his bills, she takes it easy on him and doesnt take it to the court but says "Pay me what you can." Leave it up to anyone with that statement and theyll give you the bare minimum. I would always suggest that the woman takes it to the courts. Now it may sound like Im missing my testicles, but that's not true. I am just a firm believer in taking care of yours. I grew up without a father and a lot of other brothers I know had to go without also. Maybe the courts could pass a law where the father is required to spend time with the child also. Time and money. A lot of the problems within our communities is due to fatherless homes.

  5. While I agree that absentee dads cause a lot of social problems seen in some of their children; the issue at stake here is child support. How would you feel when you pay child support and it isn't used for that purpose? Like I earlier siad, while the law should be upheld at all times, I strongly believe understanding saves us all the trouble. Besides taking care of your own child should be something you should do with pride. If the guy ain't forth coming, will you dump the child? Life is short and we should live it in peace. If this wouldn't work then next time get birth control or morning after pill be still abstain.