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Thursday, August 5, 2010


So my favorite poster (okay I am aware there are only two: one is my #1 favorite and the other one is #1.05-- for all of you future Johnny Come-Latelies the spots for favorite are already full: remember in life the early adaptor gets the worm) wanted my commentary on the Lady Gaga drug use admission in September's Vanity Fair so here it goes:

I LOVE GAGA.  Well, I didn't always, when she first hit the scene I was like: who cares.  But she grew on me and after she paired with my #1 Viva La Beyonce she is now bestowed with #1 Viva La Beyonce status: she can do no wrong. True love is unconditional.

I already assumed she was on some type of drug:

So I was happy to hear she only does coke 200 along with E, LSD, shrooms  2 times a year now and says no to heroin.

Yes, since she had an admittedly bad Coke problem, she should probably refrain from using all illicit substances.  But I've seen former hard-core drug users manage their situations in different ways--some abstain completely, others just pare it down a bit. 

Yes, where is her publicist? Not a good PC admission but at least she keeps it real.

And for those that criticize her saying she will promote drug use amongst her young fans: if your child decides to snort coke because of Lady Gaga then, well, you are just a bad parent.  Don't blame her for your child's indiscretions that is your fault.  She didn't birth, feed, raise and name them--you did.

And besides isn't she supposed to be down with the Illuminati:

#6 of the Illuminati's 21 goals: To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an "art-form", which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

And isn't she supposedly into Black Magic/Santanism:

So what do you expect?  Sounds like she is doing her job to me.


BTW, Gaga has a great butt:


  1. well finally someone realizes that entertainers are not parents or parent subsitutes. Anyway enjoyed your take on the matter.

  2. Charmingly true! lol