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Thursday, August 26, 2010


My anticipation of a good lay was willed into fruition earlier today by the three minute hour brother: this is the remix. Yo, Check it:  When I met you baby it was crazy.  You were talking but I wasn't hearing what you saying.  All I could think of was you on top of me and me on top of you. And what we were gonna do.  The first time popped off a minute after we said, "Hi."  I was planning to go the good girl route but that would have been a lie. Good Girl, Bad Girl, fuck them both if I played by the rules, I would have been a Sad Girl. Give me a second to get sappy--I gotta tell you: your smile makes me happy, pappy.  I love your body, you a hottie. We here and we ready.  C'mon, let's go.  I knew what I wanted--no need for fronting, I'm flexible but not up for stunting.  Two years reset in 60 seconds.  You were in me before I knew what was coming.  Yea, you came quick, but I did too the moment I backed up on the dick. Did you feel it?  I get wet enough ain't no need for spit.  I can't believe this shit.  It's so intense: can you handle it? Yea, you did.  Time fast forwarding in slow motion.  It's possible I was wrong.  The sex was still good enough to warrant my first song.  I love the way I can make you cum with a kiss.  I understand you finishing soon ain't a diss.  I knew if we slowed it down you could do this.  No need to rush, babe, we can ease into this.  Love ain't going nowhere--to get it, you just gotta send me a text message. Let me know when you around the way, I'll hit you back, "K."  Three hours, three minutes, it's all the same when you don't want something to finish.  And last night I was finished.  I was done on the bed, over in the shower.  I hit the wall gripping the wall as you were tearing up my walls.  Can I tell you something? Listen: You the fucking best.  My favorites are the hickeys on my chest. You nailed it, killed it, beat it up and split it.  Then mended it, I surrendered it.  Did you feel it heat up when you said let's tantric it?  I read about it, wrote about it, but until you I didn't know nothing about it.  The sex was magickal.  We cast a spell, now let's make a wish: MUTHAFUCKAS WE RICH. Yup!  I died and was born again twisted up in love stained sheets.  I knew we had the beat, all that was missing was a two part harmony.  Take that. Take that. Yea, I'll say your name: MM, baby, that was the remix.

And tomorrow you better wake up to go running.  Operation Upgrade, let's keep it coming.

Non Sequitur718


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Confessions of a horny black lady.

  2. That was f*cking AWESOME!!!

  3. okay okay , now thats how you do a remix , it sounds like the 3 minute brother felt like he had to redeem himself ... i wonder what part 3 is going to sound like???

    Matt Montana

  4. @ Matt Montana: The hook of part three tentatively goes something like this, "Three Hours, Three Minutes. Baby, I ain't finished. Hold up, Just a Minute. Now turn over and let me fuck you from the back. Let me give that ass a smack. You know I like it like that. Bend over and take this dick tit for tat" Repeat 20 times.

    Now, all I need is a beat, hmmm...

  5. now that was a HOT ASS POST...man ima have to steal a line or two out of that

    "I was planning to go the good girl route but that would have been a lie. Good Girl, Bad Girl, fuck them both if I played by the rules, I would have been a Sad Girl"

  6. @ Tiara: Thanks. Help yourself, always nice to hear when someone gets it...